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10 Best Shopify Apps to Sell on Marketplaces

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When it comes to increasing sales and attracting new customers, you have a lot of options/apps to use in the Shopify App Store! Here are the 10 best Shopify apps to sell on online marketplaces!

With hundreds of apps in the Shopify App Store, choosing one or two is sometimes impossible. That’s why we thought it would be a good idea to compare and come up with the 10 best Shopify apps to use to sell your products on online marketplaces.

If you are just getting started with your Shopify store and you are looking for a way to boost your sales or attract new customers, then this list is perfect for you.

#1. eBay: This app takes advantage of the eBay platform to manage customers orders. Look at it as a bridge between eBay and Shopify so that merchants can control the number of orders from both websites. Another great thing about this app is that it is able to connect with new sales channels such as eBay US, eBay Canada, eBay Australia, and more. The app is free to download.

#2. Wanelo: This app will help you sell your products to millions of shoppers worldwide. When you post your items to this online marketplace, you can boost your sales immediately and gain lots of profits. According to one research, Shopify merchants who have used Wanelo, have managed to increase their sales about third-six times. The app will help you sync all of your products to Wanelo in the fastest way possible. The app is free to download.

#3. Walmart Integration: Built and designed by CedCommerce, this app will help you join one of the most popular marketplaces in the world. The app will help you control inventory, barcodes, prices, category mapping, and more. It also gives you synchronization in real-time to update all changes made in orders, prices or inventory. The app is free to download.

#4. Yroo: If you want to diverse the number of products in your Shopify store this is the perfect app for you. An effective tool used to import products from well-known websites. Yroo will help you in diversifying the products to meet the demands of shoppers who prefer high-quality items. This app can help you improve your brand recognition and improve your customers’ experience. The app is free to download.

#5. Houzz: Houzz is known as a marketplace for home and this app is designed for all Shopify users selling furniture and home decor. The app will connect you to Houzz website, home to millions of monthly users and interior architects. Once you will download the app for free, you could add all of your products, process the orders, and view your sales without leaving the Shopify app.

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#6. Localyyz: This amazing app will help you drive more traffic to your store. All of your products will be displayed to active online buyers using high-quality images. This will inspire shoppers to buy your products. Downloading this app will cost you $9.

#7. SiBI: A brilliant app that connects you to a popular marketplace to sell your products. The app will provide you with unique names for your products and size charts to make sure the buyers are attracted to your offerings. This app is free to download.

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#10. Lyst: A powerful app that provides you with the easiest route to sell your products in a popular marketplace. It helps your Shopify store to reach over 60 million global buyers and help your customers find the most suitable products. The app is free to download.

Give these 10 great apps a try!