10 Alleged Top Secret Bases That Officially Don’t Exist

10 Alleged Top Secret Bases That Officially Don’t Exist

10 Alleged Top Secret Bases That Officially Don’t Exist

Where top secret “flying saucers” are retained, even dwell aliens based upon your origin, however there are lots of equally striking but lesser-known regions of top secret, off-limits action. By their own nature, secret foundations aren’t spoken about publicly. Officially, they do not exist, or at the very least, the actions occurring at particular places are significantly different than that which is formally stated.


While the Great Majority of the list Might Need to be read with a pinch Of salt, these claims are nonetheless fascinating and most certainly alluring into the component of somebody’s brain which, concerning the credibility of the claims, asks the question, “but what if … ?”


Casbolt maintains his family has both high energy intellect and Illuminati relations, and as a result of this, he states he had been “born to” a top secret program that works from this underground facility, known as Project Mannequin. Performance aimed toward producing superb soldiers, but in addition, it functions MKULTRA-style mind control applications that produce highly educated and unknowing (even to themselves) assassins. Though it’s established and operated by the uk, it links to similar covert operations in america, and finally, those in control of the program response to the NSA.



In a recent Listverse post about claims of recovered alien craft, we appeared in the Kalahari Incident, which allegedly entailed a downed UFO being retrieved from the South African army (with two aliens to boot) prior to being passed on to their American counterparts. But, according to the narrative, a third alien being was retained from the South African army and taken for their own top secret centre.

If There’s any truth to the accounts, then It’s possibly this secret Foundation which has been of as much concern to the Southern African army as it had been the destroyed alien craft. Camp 13 is reportedly someplace from the Kalahari Desert. [two] Its precise location is not known, and besides the alleged hosting of aliens, the overall rumor is that high tech laser weapon evaluations are performed there.

8 Best Secret UFO Response Team Located In Wales

Based on journalist Derrick Gough, as far back as the 1980s, the united kingdom and US authorities were working a top secret program from a foundation in Wales’s Brecon Beacons mountains, aimed toward the retrieval of mutilated human bodies that had been exposed to alien abduction and experimentation. [3] Gough immediately realized the documents he was awarded by his army whistle-blower origin were of a significant character–a stage rammed home to him from the many threatening telephone calls he received after he approached the authorities about the documents and even farther so by the flame in his workplace. He’d pass the info and documents to UFO researcher Tony Dodd, who made contact with Gough’s origin and brought the episode to the general public in his 1999 novel, Alien Investigations.

Based on Dodd’s additional investigation, the foundation and response staff That worked from it had been put up as a top secret UK/US venture from the administrations of both Thatcher and Reagan, respectively. The group had been available to be discharged around the clock also could get prior warning of incoming UFOs as well as the often gloomy cargo.

7 Alien Base Away The Icelandic Coast

Another claim made by the above Tony Dodd was the increased UFO activity across the shore of Iceland. There was so much action that he thought a secret alien base worked there, and that in the very least obtained the (mostly) unwitting security of NATO forces, even or even the alliance. Sources from the Icelandic fishing community (that were frequently the sole different vehicles enabled near US and NATO boats), and a single unidentified source in the Navy itself. Each would report a few UFOs going into the sea or flying low to the inland landscape. The Navy source said that they’d monitor the approach of those UFOs and be certain that they had an uninterrupted passage to their destination. He had been aboard a boat while this occurred on a minumum of one event.


Once in the water, then the alien craft could be tracked and tracked Farther, again together with the waters being retained entirely free of additional traffic before the obvious safe arrival of those otherworldly guests.



Despite denial by people responsible for constructing it, the conspiracy theories concerning precisely what lies under the Denver International Airport have lasted for more than 20 years since it first opened in February 1995. [5] Those notions come thick and fast, plus they are not strictly restricted to beneath the airport, using many clear “Illuminati-type symbols” being present during the centre, and of course its eccentric and “disorientating” design.


Taking a Look at the Higher building costs (which climbed from around $1.7 billion to more than $5 billion) in addition to the initial design of the airport has been trashed and “buried over,” it is simple to see where the origins of these conspiracies stem from.


However, the promises of this “baby-eating aliens” that restrain an individual Workforce, together with high performance US army officials for great measure, are the things actually gained ground with people from the conspiracy community–as well they might! Chemical Alex Christopher, together with the late night whistle-blower Phil Scheinder, asserted to have gained access into this underground facility. They advised of “human slave labour” controlled by reptilian aliens, who basically control the US army and government. What is more, similar foundations are supposedly under numerous large cities across the USA.


Also as many experimentation areas and manufacturing lines, the Base under DIA allegedly has allocated space for the planet’s elites (like the British royal household), that will use the centre during “the shift” when it’s eventually unleashed.



5 Crucial Base Underneath Rendlesham Forest



When a lot of individuals know of the renowned Rendlesham Forest UFO incident of December 1980, maybe not quite as many are knowledgeable about the alleged complicated that runs beneath both (previously US) army foundations of Woodbridge and Bentwaters. [6] Additionally, if resources are to be considered, some of the tech within this covert base was stated to be light-years ahead of its time.

Was filmed in the region on location, manager Daniel Simpson, remembered talking to a owner of a company that was leasing space on the a number of the currently privately owned property there. When they organized for an online connection, the engineer found cables that seemed to have been fitted in the early 1980s. But upon review, the scientist became increasingly dissatisfied with the locate, basically since the technology seemed to be more sophisticated than that which is even broadly available now.


Simpson would also detect several odd hatches apparently from the Middle of nowhere across the woods. Under the thick planters, long ladders descended down into blackness. Though he had been informed by local police that what he’d discovered was merely a drainage program, Simpson said it seemed “very elaborate” for anything, and of course being so hidden away. (Simpson had stumbled upon them unintentionally.) According to sailors that he later spoke with, it’s thought that these are still-utilized access points into the secret subterranean base.


Incidentally, as it had been shown in 2011 that documents saved in the

4 The Dark Pyramid Of Alaska

Alaska is a place of the world that’s as intriguing as its own terrain is unforgiving. Maybe the promises of an early black pyramid buried deep beneath the country are a few of the most bizarre and fascinating. Report on scientists running seismic recording experiments, who thought they had inadvertently discovered the measurements of a pyramid construction around 80 km (50 mi) from Denali (previously Mount McKinley). Nothing much more came from this narrative, until two years later in 2012, as soon as a member of this army (currently retired) contacted UFO writer and journalist Linda Moulton Howe with advice about the alleged locate. He maintained that the volcano was constructed tens of thousands and tens of thousands of years back and was built to exploit the natural energy of Earth.

Forward who’d been engaged in, or were directly associated with somebody involved in, the Black Pyramid. A gentleman called Bruce L. Pearson maintained the structure was “not produced by man” and has been used as a key base to examine the exploiting of these electricity. Another anonymous witness asserted his father had worked to the “dark volcano,” even helping to set up a “strong electrical system” in its ancient arrangement.

As soon as an global agreement was reached at October 2016 to create 1.5 million square km of the Ross Sea shielded, it appeared on the surface just like a fantastic idea. There would be no commercial fishing in the area, as an instance, so wildlife could be free to flourish since it would do obviously. But, in addition, it suggests that nobody besides people with “exclusive consent” are permitted to even be there. The region is totally off-limits.

The simple fact that covert bases were working from the Ross Sea. Claims have even been created of secret wars involving the aliens who live there and also a multinational, and quite confidential, human reaction group.


Of other puzzle vehicles (incidentally without a defining track marks indicating they had been aerial craft) that was seized from Google Earth, several started to wonder whether the explanations for “sectioning away” portion of the Ross Sea were actually those provided to the general public.

The official reason provided by the Third Reich in 1938 when they first ventured to Antarctica was supposed to secure Germany’s whaling business. To the abundance of conspiracy theories which could follow over the years ahead, the actual goal was to establish contact with the Inner Earth beings who lived in the area–a mission which led to Base 211.

He’d eventually escaped into the bottom in the last days of World War II, and after lying low in the area, he made his way into South America, where a few folks will tell you he dwelt before the 1980s. [9] The Nazis, or at least the high heeled members, had long thought that an early race of aliens lived in Antarctica, and what is more, they considered that they themselves were the direct descendants of these a race–or at least according to their own propaganda machine, anyhow.


Maybe among the most well-known claims of a key foundation is among the very first, which of the one reported in 1947 from Admiral Richard Byrd. [10] While on a trip across the North Pole, he supposedly found an entry to the Inner Earth, which resulted in lush, green plant and a foundation occupied by beings that called the area home. Byrd was far from silent in regards to the experience and even gave a press conference, telling everyone who would hear, even providing a warning which the beings living there might cover the distance in the South Pole to the North Pole at unbelievable speeds.

Obviously, Byrd was immediately “hospitalized” on the Directions Of the US army and immediately banned from giving such a press conferences again.

1 other thing of interest to say is that Byrd claimed to have witnessed craft together with swastikas on them. Were they evidence that that the Nazis Had really created their Base 211 and, subsequently, based Communicating with an inter-terrestrial race which could travel Pole-to-pole at unbelievable speeds?

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